Construction of houses of all kinds (Civil & Industrial Building)

Construction of Public works such as schools、hospitals、airports、traffic administration buildings、toll stations、stations、bus stations、parks、parking lots、etc.
Industrial projects:industrial parks、factories、warehouses
Civil works:apartment buildings、villas、townhomes

Installation of Electrical systems

Medium voltage power 35KV / Solar power / Substations / Generators / UPS / Primary distribution board system / Lighting system / Public sound / Security camera / Internal phone / Internal computer network、server LAN / Door access control,timekeeping / Fire alarm / Lightning conductor

Installation of Air conditioning & ventilation system

Cooling machine of all kinds:Wall-mounted / Chiller-AHU / Cold air duct system / Standing cabinet / Recessed / Ceiling-mounted
Ventilation fan of all kinds:Wall-mounted exhaust fan / Recessed exhaust fan / Coaxial exhaust fan / Exhaust fan for the kitchen / Supply duct / Fresh wind blower / Cooling fan / Stair ventilation system / Air supply system

Installation of the system water supply and drainage

Water supply system:Water supply pump / Water supply pipe / Valve / Pump control cabinet
Water drainage system:Sewage treatment plant / Submersible pump for waste water absorption / Lock-exhaust valve / Wastewater pipes
Sanitary ware of all kinds:Toilet / Urinal / Bathtub / Wash basin / Lock- exhaust valve
Fire fighting system: Fire fighting pump / Fire alarm control / Automatic nozzle / Lock-exhaust valve / Fire line

Installation of IT system (LAN-TEL-CCTV)

Server System
Intelligent Transport System(ITS)- Smart parking lot
ITS systems: Traffic Management Center(TMS) / Electronic Signage Platform(VMS / Toll Collection System(TCS) / Weather Forecasting System(MET) / Vehicle Descriptor Section(VDS) / Cameras&surveillance system(CCTV) / Obstacle Marking System(OMS)
Parking lot:Card reader / Parking towe